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ACEN 2012: Photographer Collaboration Article

One of the great things about conventions is the potential for meeting new people and networking. While I had known of Stephen ( http://secretasianman.tv/ ) through the Anime Central forum, I had never met him. This year we met at the photographer’s gathering we had organized through the forum. On that Friday we also spent some time doing “hallway cosplay” photography along with yet another photographer Jacob. One of the … Continue reading

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PentaxForums.com Canon 7D and Pentax K-5 Comparative Review

Today PentaxForums.com released a review comparing the Canon 7D and Pentax K-5. Overall I think it is a really interesting review for a person who uses either system. I think they tried to be as non-fanboy-ish as possible by bringing out the best and worst of each system. Here is the review link: http://www.pentaxforums.com/reviews/Canon_7D_vs_Pentax_K5.php It brought up the pretty well known differences: – The 7D has great AF and video … Continue reading

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Methods of Testing Your Lenses

I recently wrote and article for PentaxForums.com. It was my most complex lens review to date, with a lot more technical information and visual examples than the ones I currently have here. I plan to get more into reviews like that one once I finish going through my lens collection with general opinion centric reviews. In this article today I’ll go over a few methods I’ve attempted so that I … Continue reading

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Pro vs. Consumer Kit Lenses

I had seen an article mentioned that when it comes to sharpness, professional lenses have no clear advantage compared to kit lenses. While I can’t debate that suggestion without spending effort to search out or personally test kit lenses compared to professional, I still question the “sharpness” aspect, but There is a lot more to a quality lens than some measurement on a black and white scale. 1. build quality … Continue reading

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