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The first Arizona item is a 2012 calendar.

If you frequent my website, you will know that I visited Arizona in October to see my aunt and uncle. I took a lot of photos with the intention of using some of them for content and products my uncle and I had planned.

Our first joint product is a calendar entitled (click below for more info):
Arizona Mile Markers…and the Wonders in Between…

My uncle decided which images were to be used. We ended up using quite a few from the images that he took with his Nikon digicam, which was alright with me because he has an eye for framing (I think 7 of 13 were mine). I fitted them into the calendar’s formatting and put together the game aspect of the calendar. The calendar isn’t just a normal one with pictures. Each month is a location you can try to figure out where it is located. The next month shows where the previous month is with a street name, satellite map (courtesy of the USGS), and GPS coordinates. I had most of the coordinates, but for ones I didn’t have, I used Google Earth and Google Street View to confirm each location. Google Earth has built-in support to load Garmin GPS gdb files, which was great. It’s amazing how much great geographic information is available these days.

The “Arizona Mile Markers” name is basically our calling card because I registered the site address to act as a portal to all of the stuff we eventually come up with. We will have additional products and there is the possibility of a book and mobile apps in the distant future.