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New Android app called the “No Nonsense Picture Viewer”

I made another android application. This time I took a suggestion from a thread on Flickr I started as a basic idea for the application. I used bits and pieces from some of my existing apps, but it was for the most part new code to deal with the image manipulation. I can’t stand those apps that unnecessarily require extreme permissions for their functionality. Sorry there isn’t any reason your app that takes photos or whatever needs access to a user’s contacts and full Internet access… With this app I set out to make a simple yet direct way to examine a photo.

Sorry, this app was removed from the Android Play store  years ago.

Something to view photos. Something that can load jpeg, png, gif, and bmp of any size (large photos will be dynamically sized to be viewable on the device due to Android memory constraints). Something to see the details of a picture with a simple and easy to use interface that can zoom and move with a single press of the finger. Something that doesn’t use extreme permissions like full Internet access, which frankly isn’t needed for a photo viewer like many so called free and safe apps ask for. This is an image viewer with a goal of being no nonsense and to the point.