What could be more fun that spending a weekend enjoying your hobby and getting a good deal of practice in the process? As mentioned before, there are many informational panels on every aspect of the hobby or interests your convention is about. Sometimes at larger conventions I have been to, there were well established convention photographers who talked about their experiences and how things generally work as I’m doing with you now in this text.

Attending conventions for photography is especially fun if you have a strong interest in the convention’s purpose as well. As I am an avid fan of Anime, I can take a break from photographing to attend a panel, watch a video at one of the screening rooms, or attend one of the large signature events like the cosplay contest (usually called a “masquerade”). That way I do not get overloaded on one thing and can go at my own pace throughout the event.

The point is really to just have fun there. Try new things, meet new people, and spend a weekend doing something unique and exciting. Fun is what you make it, from meeting new people, experiencing the subculture that is an Anime or Sci-fi convention, or just enjoying a mutual hobby with thousands of other people by attending events.