Business cards.

Business cards are a great way to let the cosplayers you have taken photos of know how they can see the results of your work. Avid convention photographers go to great lengths to attend conventions, often ones that are out of their home state. Besides promoting your photography, it also gives you the opportunity to include your name, the name of your photography company if applicable, and links to other type of work you want the general public to know about. The big negatives of business cards is that they cost money to make and there is no guarantee the person will visit your site or contact you. Options for cards would be custom or pre-made designs, front and/or back printing, card stock thickness, and glossy or matte finish. I have used a popular on-line service for a few years called Vistaprint, but recently a friend of mine suggested a local service with good prices I might check out.

Glossy custom graphic business cards.

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