Practice, practice, practice!

Where else can you have thousands of people as subjects who are ready and willing to have their photo taken? Frequently, you will see someone with an utterly massive camera setup, but people around are not phased at the sight of it. Much different than if they were out on the streets in a public setting. Conventions are a great opportunity to try new gear to your heart’s content. Have a new flash, light diffuser, and bracket you have yet to try out? Take it to a convention. What about that new DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera that can shoot high definition video? It’s all good! Join the convention’s on-line community, so you can arrange private shoots with attendees for even more detailed practice. The possibilities are almost endless. Most conventions last for three days over a weekend with any of the days being optional, so it can easily fit into your schedule as well. If practice really does make perfect, using conventions to practice will increase your skill to a professional level in no time flat.

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