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ACEN 2012: Private Photoshoots

I don’t often do private photoshoots. I generally like just walking around and randomly asking for photos of cosplayers. However, I don’t mind and will usually take them on if someone contacts me. ACEN wasn’t a definite plan until very soon before the convention started, so I only really had two people contact me within the time that I knew I was going. The reason I don’t do private shoots … Continue reading

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Preparation for the Otakon Convention (Lens Kit)

I’m thinking about what to bring to the “Otakon” Anime convention. As this is going to be a big trip for us, I wanted to bring my A-game. The K-5 body is still MIA, but I wanted to have two camera bodies available. I purchased a used *ist D camera body. That blurred coin in the image is a nickel, not a quarter! I just had the camera delivered a … Continue reading

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Options in camera equipment insurance

I’ve been interested in insuring my camera equipment for a while now. Considering online retail value, my gear is getting up there in total cost. So much so that in my current situation I would not be able to replace much of it if something were to happen. I’m personally focused on just insuring my equipment as I don’t really do much that deals with professional liability like a photographer … Continue reading

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What you need for DSLR photography

Here is an article I wrote for another one of my websites “actuallysimple.com”: A DSLR Camera: Digital SLR cameras have been out on the market for quite a while now. All current models would probably be a pretty decent camera for the majority of people, however try not to buy the cheapest thing available. The cheapest DSLR cameras can be lacking in features that might be important to you in … Continue reading

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