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DSLR Star Trails Calculator for Android Promo Video (K-7 at 720p)

I just made a second promo video for an Android application called DSLR Star Trails Calculator that I just completed yesterday. It’s a simple yet useful application to give estimates on how to avoid or gain star trails in photos. This application is under my personal business of sorts with a focus on photography. I’ve […]

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Surprising DSLR GPS Accessory Release From Pentax

So you might be thinking to yourself that a camera with GPS isn’t something new. The really interesting stuff comes with some detail about the accessory, which I’ll go over below. Here is what it will look like (Pentax stock image): Important features to me: – Weather resistant construction to go along with the K-5 […]


Experiments in Astrophotography

Astrophotography has always been one of those areas that I’ve wanted to spend time on but rarely have. I always thought the cost of entry was really high (it can be) and the time of day best to take photos has been prohibitive. Forgoing the advanced methods and tools, I have put some time into […]